Physiotherapy will help you function better in your daily life and enjoy your daily life more.

Physiotherapy builds trust

You can rest assured that you will always feel welcome in our clean and comfortable facilities. Get help, support and advice face-to-face and remotely from several of our locations.

In the convincing and customized approach of our experts, your rehabilitation and coaching process as well as other processes will take place.

fysioterapia - physiotherapy

Clear and encouraging interaction through the physiotherapy process

We will tell you what is causing your trouble and how you can influence it through your actions. You can ask at a low threshold what matters to your mind, and we will certainly give an understandable answer. As a trusted professional, your physiotherapist will be with you throughout your physiotherapy, rehabilitation and coaching journey, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

Support in dealing with illness, injury or pain

Saat aina kannustavaa palautetta sekä tukea haasteellisimmissakin tilanteissa esimerkiksi sairauden, vamman tai leikkauksen yhteydessä. Ammattilaistemme tukemana opit näkemään aina enemmän mahdollisuuksia kuin rajoituksia, ja rohkaistut vähitellen ottamaan yhä enemmän vastuuta omasta hyvinvoinnistasi. Myönteinen mieliala tutkitusti motivoi ja tukee toipumista.


Physiotherapy is an opportunity to develop holistically

In physiotherapy, you get help for ailments and pain. If you can't squat because of a sore knee, lift the pen off the floor because of a sore back, or put laundry on a string because of a sore shoulder, then you should set aside time for physiotherapy. Whether it’s a recent or prolonged ailment, we support you in rehabilitation and pain management.

At its best, physiotherapy is about more than just physical rehabilitation: it is a mental process, an experience of learning something new, discussion and collaboration. A well-designed process guarantees you the best service.

Process with a physiotherapist

  1. At the beginning of the physiotherapy process, we will find out about your current situation. We’ll go through what kind of load your body and mind are facing and how you’re able to move now.
  2. We are researching and testing how your body works now.
  3. We will help you create your goals. Goals help you outline what the process is going through and what it requires of you.
  4. We design individual exercises for you and adapt them smoothly into your everyday life.
  5. We will teach you to analyze and feel the pain and your pain sensations. We will also help you understand why the pain is caused and what factors in your daily life affect it.
  6. During the journey, we will follow your progress and challenge you to cross yourself safely. You get a lot of tools for effort management and we offer a I guide for free to our physiotherapy clients.
  7. Effective interaction lowers the threshold for asking and communicating uncertainty, worry, and impatience. Your physiotherapist is at the call or message when something bothers you in rehabilitation.

Not only do we take care of your pain, we help you take full care of your own well-being. You are an expert in your own life. We act as mentors and guides on your journey to better fitness, health and a painless daily life.

Physiotherapy prices

30 min 50 €

45 min 60 €

60 min 70 €

We serve remotely throughout Finland and have offices in Tampere, Nokia and Hämeenkyrö.

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