Massage Tampere

Massage and sports massage at Tampere. All of our personnel who do massage also have a physiotherapy degree. In this way we are able to offer the best possible treatment based on research data. Our therapists know how to use their professional skills and knowledge to guide you in choosing the right treatments and will help you take care of yourself and your well-being in the future as well. Our therapist can also help you in the treatment of various pains and discomfort. 

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Massage and sports massage Tampere

We are now offering for new massage and sports massage clients, a 15 minute physiotherapist's survey free of charge on top of your massage appointment! 

Price list:

Massage 30 min 40,50 € (45 €)

Massage 45 min 45€ (50 €)

Massage 60 min 54 € (60 €)

Massage 75 min 63 € (70 €)

Massage 90 min 72 € (80 €)

Massage 120 min 99 € (110 €)

Massage Discounts during IIHF World Championship:

- 10 % discount from normal massage and sports massage prizes by showing your IIHF Worlds 2022 ticket when arriving at our facilities. 

Proxima Finland wants to be a part of the Ice Hockey World Championships at Tampere, Finland. That’s why we are offering discounts from our massage and sports massage services during Ice Hockey World Championships that take place in Tampere and Helsinki from 13 to 29 May 2022.

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Massage Tampere

Massage relaxes muscles and increases the flexibility of muscles. It helps to prevent and alleviate muscle soreness from exercise and daily activities. Massage is an excellent support for other treatments, such as physiotherapy or coaching. The effect of massage alone is often short-lived and the best results are often achieved by combining massage with therapeutic training and guidance. You can continue your journey towards a painless everyday life together with your therapist, for example in our physiotherapy and coaching services.

Sports massage Tampere

Sports massage benefits everyone, regardless of age, fitness or background. Our professional physiotherapists are sure to be able to adapt the used techniques and intensity of the massage to suit each client. You don’t have to be afraid or stressed about arriving at the front desk. You don’t have to be an athlete to come to a sports massage or massage. 

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Massage Tampere

Get to know us!

Here you can read more about our massagetherapists. 

Our staff - Massage Tampere
Massage Tampere

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How to make an appointment?

Your online appointment is currently only available in finnish. 

You can find the right service by following these instructions: 

For example:

First choose → Toimipiste → Tampella - Proxima Finland

Then choose the right appointment → Massage = Hieronta 

Toimipiste = Place

Palvelu = Service

Terapeutti = Therapist

Ajankohta = Time

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